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[NEW!] Spin Cycle 2 (April 2022)

Spin Cycle (2022)

Opposights : Alternative Comic Art Scenes from Australia and Portugal (2021)

Animated Music Video for Club Lock - Bass Spirits (2021)

Animated Music Video for Club Lock - Brief Transaction (2020)

Messed Up Emoji iMessage Sticker App (2017)

Hallucinating Highlighter (2017)

Super Busy (2011)

Jiffy Zine Issue 1 (2007)


[Jan 2022] :-)


Club Lock


Animal Traps

My Sister The Cop

Love Like... Electrocution

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An animated gif by Rowan Tedge depicting death with red teeth and two large fangs wearing a light grey robe skeletel arms held at eye height waving summoning a multi-coloured clock-wise spinning wait cursor emitting sparks.